Monica Galetti

For Seafood from Scotland

Monica Galetti

For Seafood from Scotland

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On a sea-to-plate journey through Scotland’s seafood industry in the company of renowned chef and Scottish seafood ambassador Monica Galetti. Fished and farmed along our country’s rugged coastline and inshore waters, the range of fish and shellfish is plentiful and superb quality.
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What makes Scottish seafood so delicious? Monica has seen for herself the care and attention that goes into catching and production, from the moment it leaves the water, until it arrives on your plate. This knowledge has been passed down through families and communities for hundreds of years, bringing a sense of passion and pride that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

And because the core ingredient is top quality, it is simplicity itself to create a mouth-watering meal. Adding heat – or smoke – and simple flavours like lemon and garlic produces a world class dish, whether served in a restaurant or enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.


So, whether you are a chef, a producer, a buyer, or someone who simply loves fish and shellfish, please join us on this special journey around Scotland’s coastal waters, and find out why our seafood is the best in the world…

Monica’s travels

In preparation for her ambassador role, Monica travelled around Scotland’s coastal communities, meeting just some of the people who devote their lives to producing amazing seafood.

Monica being Monica, she made lots of new friends and was game for just about anything.

Click the map for some of the highlights.

Monica’s travels


Nolan Seafoods

Nolan are expert seafood processors, with multiple production lines within a modern 85,000 sq ft facility in Aberdeen harbour.

Monica’s travels


The Seafood Bothy

The Seafood Bothy is carving out a name for itself from its position on Stonehaven pier, offering freshly prepared seafood caught from its own fishing boat, the Even Less.

Monica’s travels


Peterhead Fish Market

This state-of-the-art facility can handle up to 10,000 boxes of fresh fish per day and is designed to create optimum conditions for preservation of the catch.

Monica’s travels


Alex Spink & Sons

Arbroath Smokies have been produced by Alex Spink and Sons since 1977. The family-run company specialises in making Smokies the traditional way over an oak wood fire. They sell fresh fish online from their premises in Arbroath and also through retail outlets in Blairgowrie and Dundee.

Monica’s travels


Harbour Cafe

The Harbour Cafe can be found in the seaside village of Elie, in the popular East Neuk of Fife, just a stone’s throw from the water’s edge. It serves freshly caught and expertly prepared seafood and other locally produced products.

Monica’s travels

St Monan's

David Lowrie Fish Merchants

For over 27 years, this family-run business has been processing and supplying fish shops, restaurants, and hotels with the freshest and finest quality seafood along the East Coast of Scotland.

Monica’s travels

Tarbert, Loch Fyne

Bakkafrost Scotland
(Scottish Salmon Company)

A major producer of finest quality salmon, Bakkafrost Scotland (Scottish Salmon Company) operates across the Western highlands and islands of Scotland and provides crucial employment in rural communities.

Monica’s travels

Cairndow, Loch Fyne

Loch Fyne Oysters

A leading provider of some of Scotland’s finest seafood. Whether it’s from their renowned Restaurant and Oyster Bar on the banks of Loch Fyne or through the products sold around the world, Loch Fyne Oysters pride themselves on provenance, quality and sustainability.

Monica’s travels



Ask for a recommendation for a quality seafood restaurant in Glasgow and Crabshakk is sure to be mentioned. Firmly established at the centre of a thriving bar and restaurant scene in Finnieston, a second Crabshakk has now opened in the Botanics area of the city.

Monica’s travels


Cail Bruich

In 2021 Cail Bruich restaurant became the first restaurant in Glasgow to achieve the honour of a Michelin star in 18 years.  Head chef Lorna McNee and her team champion the finest British produce, offering a unique and relaxed dining experience in Glasgow’s West End.

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The Interview

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“It was a no brainer.” Monica explains why she was keen to come on board with Seafood from Scotland, discusses the importance of provenance and why she rates Scottish seafood as “top shelf.” Adam Wing, Head of Trade Marketing for the UK, Americas & New Markets, asks the questions.

Monica Cooks

Seafood recipes

Following her factfinding visits to Scotland, Monica was quick off the mark to order Scottish lobster for her London restaurant, Mere. Even better, she headed straight back into the kitchen to create delicious new recipes, starring Scottish lobster, salmon and monkfish. We will be sharing these over the following weeks.  Happy cooking!

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